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Jan 14, 2014

Young Scientist Success 2014

The School won a Total of 15 Awards:

Overall Awards (3)

Awards                   Project Title                    School Name            Student Names

Best Group
and RTE Travel      A study using statistical     Kinsale Community      Cathy Hayes
                               methods of people's           School                         Eve Casey
                               attitudes to the ageing
                               workforce of the future

RTE Travel             A study using  statistical     Kinsale Community      Cathy Hayes
methods of people's            School                         Eve Casey
Best Overall          
attitudes to the ageing
Social and             
workforce of the future
Behaviour Award 

Best School                                                     Kinsale Community
Overall (ROI)                                                 School 


Category Awards (5)

Award   Science         Age          Group or       Title                    School          Students

2nd        Biological        Interm.     Individual       An investigation    Kinsale           Michaella O
              & Ecological                                          of the impact of    Community    Driscoll
              Sciences                                               SSRI's on the       School


3rd        Biological        Senior        Group            Lemna minor;      Kinsale           Eoin Hurley, 
             & Ecological                                          is it an effective    Community    Emily                 
             Sciences                                               method of            School            McCarthy

                                                                         inorganic pollutants  
                                                                         from aquatic  


1st         Social &         Junior        Individual       An analysis of        Kinsale           Esha Healy-
              Behavioural                                          advertising sound  Community    Thow 
              Sciences                                               levels in the          School
                                                                          media to  
                                                                          whether they 
                                                                          are aligned with
                                                                          public perceptions. 


1st         Social &         Junior        Group             A statistical          Kinsale          Sorcha 
              Behavioural                                          analysis of            Community    Doyle,   
              Sciences                                               people’s                School           Saoirse Hill 
                                                                          and attitudes 


2nd        Social &         Interm.      Group             A statistcal         Kinsale          Aoife
              Behavioural                                          study into            Community   McCarthy, 
              Sciences                                               dialects in the      School           Chloe
                                                                          Irish language                          Condron,
                                                                          and their                                  Lara Butler
                                                                          regional variations 
                                                                          and the impact
                                                                          it can have on a
                                                                          Junior Cert level


Highly Commended Results (7)

 Award          Science        Age       Group or       Title                    School         Students


Highly            Biological       Junior     Group            An investigation   Kinsale          Clodagh 
Commended  & Ecological                                      into the effect      Community    Butler,  
                     Sciences                                          of food colour on     School            Fiona 
                                                                            chicken nutrition                        Deasy, 


Highly            Biological       Junior     Group            A study of the     Kinsale           Mia Hynes, 
Commended  & Ecological                                      effect of water     Community    Susan 
                     Sciences                                          temperature on    School           Timmons  
                                                                            the physiological                        
                                                                            response of open                       
                                                                            water endurance                       


Highly            Biological       Junior     Group            A statistical study  Kinsale           Niamh 
Commended  & Ecological                                      on the impact of   Community    Cronin,    
                     Sciences                                          the horsemeat      School            Aisling Power 


Highly            Technology    Junior     Group           Viewing blood       Kinsale           Lorcan 
Commended                                                         vessels with         Community    O'Brien,     
                                                                            infra red light       School            Neil O'Brien 


Highly            Social &         Interm.   Group           A study to            Kinsale           Alan Healy,  
Commended  Behavioural                                      statistically           Community    Jane Kidney,  
                     Sciences                                          assess current       School            Laura  
                                                                            public perceptions                       Murphy
                                                                            and awareness of
                                                                            the health benefits
                                                                            of Omega-3 oils.


Highly            Social &         Interm.   Group           A statistical study  Kinsale           Alan Healy,  
Commended  Behavioural                                      into parents          Community    Jane Kidney,   
                     Sciences                                          awareness of the   School            Laura  
                                                                            effects of cyber-                          Murphy
                                                                            bullying and  the
                                                                            development of an
                                                                            online parent friendly
                                                                            information program  


Highly            Social &         Interm.   Junior           A study on the     Kinsale           Sarah 
Commended  Behavioural                                      awareness of the  Community    O'Callaghan   
                     Sciences                                          symptoms of the   School              
                                                                            conditional Carpal                        
                                                                            Tunnel due to 
                                                                            playing or working     
                                                                            with modern             

Decade Long Achievements by KCS in the Young Scientist Exhibition

No of Awards       European Awards     National Awards   Overall Best School Awards

         81                              3                               6                                       2    

Category Awards

     First    Second     Third    Special         Highly          No. of Finalist      No. of Finalist 
                                               Awards     Commended        Students              Projects

       18           5             8           9                  32                      196                      104

Kinsale Community School BT Young Scientist Record 2013 and earlier...

Three of our 3rd Year pupils fought off fierce competition to win the overall coveted First Prize at the annual BT Young Scientist Competition for 2013. Sophie Healy-Thow, Emer Hickey and Ciara Judge took home the top prize for their project "A statistical investigation of the effects of Diazotroph bacteria on plant germination". This the the third time in seven years KCS, which RTE describes as ''THE Science School", has scooped the title.

The pupils were presented with a Waterford Crystal trophy and a cheque for €5000. Excitingly, they now have the opportunity to represent Ireland at the 25th European Union Young Scientist competition which will take place in Prague next September.  

One of the head judges, Mary Kelly-Quinn said over 70% of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of nitrogen, which is extremely important for plant growth and survival: “Only very few organisms can use nitrogen gas directly from the air. One is the bacteria Rhizobium which provides some plants with nitrogen. However, not all plants can access nitrogen in the air using Rhizobium. The three girls had the brainwave of testing the use of Rhizobium bacteria to accelerate the rate of germination in important food crops which don’t associate naturally with this bacterium. They demonstrated that adding Rhizobium in laboratory conditions reduced the time for the seeds of wheat and barley to germinate. The germination stage is one of the riskiest times in crop growth because of losses particularly from adverse weather. These results may have implications for our ability to address food security issues. These are the first exciting steps, field trials should follow.” 

Congratulating the winners, President Michael D. Higgins said, “I wish to congratulate Ciara Judge, Emer Hickey and Sophie Healy-Thow on their creative and practical research into crop growth. Their discoveries make a significant contribution to the important worldwide research around food security, one of the most important issues of our time. I would also like to congratulate their teachers at Kinsale Community School for their dedication to their students and encouragement of their ideas. These young people and their teachers are examples of an Ireland of which we can be proud, I wish the winners every success at the European Young Scientist Competition later this year.”

In the competition this year, 38 pupils entered 17 projects from KCS and 16 awards were won in total. More than 45,000 people attended the event held in Dublin’s RDS where the 550 finalist projects were on display. More than 4,000 students from 362 schools across the country took part in the competition with more than 1,700 projects entered.

Other awards that won from KCS in 2013 were:

Special Award – Psychological Society of Ireland

James Barry – A statistical analysis of the public’s awareness of blood sugar levels and their implications on health

Junior Group Winner – Social and Behavioural

Marieke Buckley and Mackenzie Cahill- A statistical analysis to investigate the usage of life jackets on commercial fishermen

Junior Group 3rd place - Social and Behavioural

Luke Henderson, Tadhg McCarthy, Paul O Donovan- Flat or Not: A statistical study towards the public’s awareness of tyre pressure in motor vehicle

Individual Junior Winner - Social and Behavioural

James Barry – A statistical analysis of the public’s awareness of blood sugar levels and their implications on health

Individual Junior 3rd place - Social and Behavioural

Miachaella O Driscoll – A scientific study of public attitudes to and awareness of generic medications

Highly Commended

Faye Murphy and Fiona O Donovan – A statistical investigation into consumers’ knowledge of and attitudes towards the rights and laws in place for consumers in Ireland today

Sophie Sinclair, Zoe Fennell and Sarah O’ Callaghan – The development evaluation of a translucent sun visor for automotive use.

Eoin Hurley, Emily McCarthy and Eimear Nyhan – The perfect CV: a study of the elements of a curriculum vitae and their impact on employability

Sinead Walsh, Micheala O’Connell and Meadhbh O Leary- Does success breed success and failure breed failure.

Rachel Lysaght, Sophie Lisson  - Old school versus new school: A study of the use of tablet technology in the modern classroom

Frank and Kane Curtin, Mia Kovacs – Vegetarianism: A statistical study.

Emily Kellet, Jenny Walsh – A statistical study into the impact of using music and rhythm to memorise academic content.

Ciara and Finn Manning, Molly Dunican – A comparative study of childhood obesity in Ireland and France.

Abigail Jeffrey, Ava O’Connor – A statistical study of people’s attitudes towards recycling and if these views have changed since the recession.

Display Award

Marie O’ Leary, Allanah Humphreys: A statistical study of people’s attitudes regarding e books versus paper made books.

Other entrants

Lorcan O’Brien – Energy harvesting from a PC microprocessor using the thermoelectric effect.

Amy Shanahan and Jessica Sheehan 

At KCS, we are very proud and congratulate all of our pupils who took part and their Science Teachers, especially the tireless and dedicated Young Scientist Co-ordinator Shaun Holly.

See here for photo and article.

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See here for article in West Cork Times.

See here at 18 mins 55 seconds for piece on RTE news.



2009 Overall Winner

The BT Young Scientist(s) of the Year 2009 are John D. O’Callaghan and Liam McCarthy , 2nd year students from Kinsale Community School, Co Cork.  Their project entitled, “The Development of a Convenient Test Method for Somatic Cell Count and its Importance in Milk Production” was announced Taoiseach Brian Cowen T.D. and Chris Clark, Chief Executive Officer, BT Ireland.

2006 Overall Winner

The BT Young Scientist of the Year 2006 is Aisling Judge, a 2nd year student from Kinsale, Co. Cork.  Aisling is the youngest ever winner in the exhibition’s 42 year history and her winning project, entitled “The development and evaluation of a biological food spoilage indicator” was announced by Minister for Education & Science, Mary Hanafin TD and Mike Maloney, CEO, BT Ireland.

Kathleen O Brien

Deputy Principal