Junior Cycle Business Studies

In Kinsale Community School Junior Cycle Business Studies is provided for all 1styear students for the full academic year. Towards the end of first year, students then have the option to continue to study Business Studies in 2ndand 3rdyear.  

The junior cycle business studies course focuses on improving students’ understanding of the business environment and on developing skills for life, work and further study. The course has three inter connected sections which are: Personal Finance, Enterprise and Our Economy.

  • Personal Finances focuses on students developing a set of skills, knowledge and values that allows them to make informed decisions to effectively and responsibly manage their financial resources.
  • Enterprise encourages students to identify opportunities and turn them into practical and targeted activities within business and wider society through the development and application of their understanding, skills and values. It develops students’ basic understanding of the financial, marketing and operational functions of an organisation.
  • Our Economy enables students to understand the dynamic relationship between the local, national and international economic situation. It develops students’ ability to identify and understand basic economic concepts as they relate to personal finance, enterprise and the Irish economy.

    Students will be assessed throughout the 3 years and assessment will be both on an individual and group basis.


Senior Cycle Business Studies


  • Mini-Company: Students get the opportunity to set up and run their own mini-enterprise.  We follow the Student Enterprise Programme that is delivered in conjunction with the Local Enterprise Board. This affords students the opportunity to show their creative, innovative and enterprising qualities as well as allowing them to further develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills. All mini-companies will participate in trade fairs and some also will represent the school in local and regional competitions.
  • School Bank: Working with our local banks – AIB and Bank of Ireland-students have the chance to get involved in running the school bank and entering regional and national competitions. Students involved develop their teamwork, organisational and communication skills.
  • Business Class:Those who opt to study Business during the year will get the opportunity to further build on their Junior Cycle Business knowledge. Topical issues will be examined and discussed in depth, broadening students’ knowledge of the world of business. They are also encouraged to participate in business related competitions as they arise.

5th and 6th Year

Accounting and Business are offered to senior students. Throughout the course the course all topics are discussed in depth and up- to- date, relevant examples as well as live issues are looked at.


Students will study financial and management accounting. This will involve preparing a variety of accounts and budgets that are vital in running a business.

This course should enable students to develop an ability to: 

• prepare, understand, interpret and analyse financial statements with confidence 

• appreciate and use financial statements as a means of business communication 

• use analytical techniques to arrive at conclusions from financial information for the purpose of decision-making 

• prepare relevant reports using financial information. 


The Business course at senior cycle is divided into 3 sections: 

Section A: People in Business 

This involves identifying the stakeholders in business and the relationships between these groups. The role and rights of the Consumer is studied. Industrial relations issues are also examined in detail.

Section B: Enterprise

Enterprise skills and characteristics together with looking at the role of the entrepreneur in the business community is discussed. Management skills and activities are studied. Business start-up and expansion strategies are investigated.

Section C: Environment

Here we look at both the domestic and international business worlds and how they are interconnected.