Transition Year

Transition Year (TY) is a one-year education programme available to all students who have completed their Junior Cycle education. It is not compulsory to do TY in our school. However, our experience has been that TY provides a bridge for students to move from a state of dependence at junior level to a more independent and active role with regard to their education and their future. The TY Programme gives an excellent opportunity for students to mature, to get better insights into work and adult life and to develop a wide range of skills and competencies.



The TY Programme is quite broad and aims to combines traditional academic subjects with work experience and social development. It aims to integrate these various activities with a view to:

  • Assisting students to take responsibility for their own learning and decision-making
  • Providing experience for students of the work environment
  • Providing opportunities for personal growth through participation in various social activities and voluntary work
  • Providing opportunities for students who have been under-achieving to improve their performance
  • Encouraging students to develop a positive approach to learning and to their own education.


The TY Programme offers a number of advantages. It provides an opportunity for young people to remaining within the educational system for an extra year. Research at home and abroad has underlined that the length of time young people spend in the educational system is an important aspect of their overall educational development. Studies have shown that those who took the TY option were more likely to select and stay with the subjects at higher level and to try new subjects which they had not taken before. They were also more likely to gain considerably more CAO points than their peers who did not take Transition Year option.


In Kinsale Community School, the TY Programme combines traditional academic study with the opportunity to develop social, vocational and personal skills. Students will study "core" subjects and will also have the opportunity to study optional subjects and get involved in various activities.

core subjects

These subjects include English, Gaeilge, Mathematics, Religion, French/German

P.E. Optional Subjects: History, Business Mini Company, Home Economics, Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology, Technical Graphics, Building Construction, Music, Engineering and Physics.

Extra Subjects / Activities: Young Scientist, ICT/Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Debating, First Aid, Mini Company, Road Safety, Self Defence, Study Skills, School Bank, GAA Coaching, Communication Skills, Bridge, Personal Development, School Quiz Team, Creative Writing, Green Team, Log On and Learn, Young Social Innovators, Drama, Gaisce and visits in and visits out.

work experience

Work Experience is an integral part of the TY Programme - two weeks work experience, with preparation before the work placement and follow-up exercises after the work experience is an important aspect of the year. This provides students with real opportunities to develop and apply many of the skills they have acquired in school. As a result, they will become more aware of their personal talents and strengths upon which they can base their future career choices.

extra-curricular activities

The TY Programme also offers a variety of extra-curricular activities including Community Awareness, Pastoral Care Programme, Outdoor Adventure Activities, retreats and fund-raising as well as a full range of sports.

Students taking part in the TY programme have a number of opportunities available to them. All students will participate in a week long outdoor pursuits activities. Students can also available of the opportunity to experience one week at third level education such as C.I.T. and/or U.C.C as well as an optional foreign tour.


Throughout the year strict assessment procedures will be applied within the subject areas. Assessment procedures will include homework, class tests, Christmas and Summer Examinations. Various modules including First Aid and Mini Company may be assessed by external bodies such as the Red Cross and the Cork Schools Enterprise Programme. Students will also be assessed through interview which allows students to develop their communication and interview skills.

School bank 

Build a Bank is a Transition year programme that is run in partnership with A.I.B. It is a national initiative to promote saving skills for young people and it allows us to run a school bank at lunch time on Thursdays in G03 with Ms. M. Fleming. There is also a big emphasis on the bank members to get involved in the school and wider community. 

This year our school bank is called Once Upon A Dime. We are looking forward to bringing banking to a fairytale land and sprinkling positivity with our magic wand throughout KCS.  Our target market are mainly 1stand 2ndyears as we believe that they are the cohort that may not have a bank account yet.

It all began in September when the students that were interested in banking went for interviews with A.I.B. to become school bank ambassadors. Students had to hand in our CVs and a member of A.I.B. Kinsale came in to interview over 20 students.  The selected team  for 2017/18 is Bank Manager; John Walsh, Assistant Manager; Mara Gonalez, Financial Manager; Conor Horan, Marketing Team; Georgina McCarthy, Clíodhna Doyle & Donna Thorpe, Digital Officer; Darragh Haydon and Customer Service; Eva Fahey. 

We have been involved in many activities in our school like stewarding the school walk, the school musical raffle, GAA coaching in primary schools and helping out at parent teacher meetings.

Members of Once Upon A Dime have also tried to get involved in the wider community of Kinsale by volunteering with the Irish Red Cross, Kinsale Strictly Come Dancing, and organising a Christmas Food Appeal. 

In February we competed in the Build a Bank Challenge Regional Finals in Cork where over 150 schools attended. We completed a 4 minute presentation on stage in Fairytale costumes and told the story about how unique our bank is and how we have tried get involved in our school and local community of Kinsale. It went really well and we have got through to the National Bank Final that takes place in the RDS, Dublin on the 21st March 2018. 


The School Musical 

The Transition Year Musical is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the TY calendar with over 80 students on stage and half again working on set, costumes, make up, front of house etc. Not alone is the musical a highlight for our students but the support of the people of Kinsale has shown that it is a big event for the community too. 

Our musical endeavours to date have included: 

Oliver - Wizard of Oz - Sound of Music - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Mary Poppins  - Grease - Mamma Mia - Sister Act - The Bodyguard - Billy Elliot - Synge Street - Hairspray 

Musicals give students a chance to express their artistic and creative side. They also allow students to make new friends, improve confidence and self-esteem and introduce students to music, song, dance and acting. 

Everyone who auditions is accepted. The show involves the talents of many subject departments including Music, Art, Woodwork, Metalwork and Home Economics. The help of parents is always welcomed and encouraged. 

The rehearsals are fun. Laughter can always be heard as students try to overcome initial embarrassment and inhibitions. It’s all about participation. The journey from audition to opening night gives memories that will remain with students long after the final bow is taken.