The study of modern foreign languages enables students to build on their language learning in English and Irish in primary school and further develops their skills in and enjoyment of using languages. Language learning is accessible to all students and contributes to their cognitive, personal and social growth by enhancing their communicative and thinking skills, as well as their participation in a global society. 

Kinsale Community School aims to foster in learners the communicative skills to enable them to communicate effectively in the French language. Learners are encouraged to use the language for communicative purposes both inside and outside the classroom.

We strive to create an awareness of the French culture, traditions and way of life in pupils. We aspire to ignite in pupils a desire to learn more about French culture, La Francophonie, language, people and countries and to instil in them a love for the French language. This promotes in pupils an acceptance and tolerance of cultural differences. To achieve this, we integrate dynamic and interactive lessons with the use of technology and a communicative approach to teaching and learning. 


Time Allocation


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1st year                                   3 * 40 minute periods per week

2ndyear                                  4 * 40 minute periods per week

3rdyear                                  4* 40 minute periods per week

Transition Year                    4 * 40 minute periods per week

5thyear                                   5 * 40 minute periods per week

6thyear                                   5 * 40 minute periods per week


Option Structures


Junior Cycle: French is compulsory for all 1styears. At the end of first year, they choose between French and German. The Junior cycle is offered at both Higher and Ordinary level. At Junior Cycle, students are provided with the opportunity to reinforce and further develop their language skills, knowledge and understanding acquired at primary level. We aim to assist the student in developing their confidence in terms of oral language use in both their production.

Transition year: All students who completed junior cycle do French in transition year in mixed ability classes. The focus this year is to continue the study of French whilst also focusing heavily on the cultural aspect of the language. The use of film and projects are encouraged in the use of developing and enhancing acquired junior Cycle skills.

Senior Cycle: French is optional for senior cycle. Throughout Senior Cycle, there is a large emphasis placed on communicative language skills. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to explore the language through the use of authentic texts and materials sourced by the teachers. Students are also provided with the opportunity to express their opinions on current affairs through the written element of the paper. Senior Cycle classes incorporate a wide range of interactive and communicative activities. Students are encouraged to communicate with one another by using the target language.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities through the medium of the French language. These include Club Français and Speed-Dating for Senior Cycle students. For Junior Cycle, we have a very successful petit-déjeuner français, a poster competition for TY and Junior Cycle for “Le mois de la Francophonie” in March. Our Transition Year students have the opportunity to partake in a school exchange with a school in Antibes, in the south of France. This is always a highlight of their year!

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