It is intended that geography education in Kinsale Community School would be appropriate to students’ abilities, needs and interests. It aims to reflect the broad nature of the subject and its potential for enhancing students’ development by…

  • Contributing to the personal development of the student
  • Helping them with the geographical knowledge, skills and understanding needs for life and work.

This can be done by…

  • The promotion of student development/welfare
  • The promotion of teacher development/ welfare
  • The use of varied resources and methodologies
  • By providing students with a level of geography appropriate to their ability
  • ICT
  • Cross Curricular links


Geography is the study of people and their relationship with their environment.  It is concerned with helping students develop an understanding of the physical, social and economic processes which shape the world around them.

The Geography syllabus makes an important contribution towards enabling young people to make sense of the changing inter-relationships in the world in which they live and aims give them a global perspective of how people, places and economies interact.  Through studying Geography students will develop a range of skills enabling them to make a valued contribution to society at local, national and international levels.


The Geography teachers at KCS focus on helping students develop transferable skills they can use in college and future jobs in the following 5 key areas;

Research skills:

Students learn how to use and interpret maps, charts, statistics, diagrams and texts.

Presentation and communication skills 

To present and communicate information through oral, written and visual means

Investigation skills

To discover the patterns and processes in our physical and human environment, for example, through the use of a geographical investigation.

Social skills

To develop the social skills in order to work alone or as part of a group and to understand how cooperation and communication benefits teamwork and debate skills

Evaluation skills

Students should be able to synthesise, analyse, interpret and evaluate information. To distinguish from fact and opinion and to draw conclusions or prove a hypothesis.


Career Opportunities: 

Below is a list of just some of the many opportunities for geography students

KCS geography field trip.jpg

Foreign Diplomacy                              Local Government Planning

International Aid                                 Meteorology

NGO Work                                         Geology

Geographical Surveyor                       Oil/Gas Exploration

Community Development                    Traffic Management/ Urban Planning

Management Consultancy                  Energy Efficiency/Engineering

Charity Sector                                     GIS Specialist/ Cartography