Parents: How you can support your child during this busy year


Dear Parent/Guardian,

We trust you had a relaxed and enjoyable summer.  A new academic year is dawning and most importantly this is possibly the most significant year in their education.

Your Leaving Cert student has already spent four or five years in secondary school and we, in Kinsale Community School are committed to helping each individual student to reach their full potential and make well informed career decisions in an environment that is enriching and progressive, caring and pastoral.

Leaving Certificate is a challenging time for students. To help them we can work together to promote healthy study habits. They will have been given some of advice in school but the following include ways for you to assist your son/daughter achieve their best in exams.

You can help your son/daughter in many ways by participating in the creation of a routine tailored to their needs. Some examples may include creating a quiet space for your son/daughter to study in, allowing them to stick notes around the room, giving them space if they are getting frustrated and monitoring their phone usage, as this can be a big distraction.

Encourage him/her to do their best, it is not always easy. Even though they may be trying their best, they may still get a grade they are unhappy with. When this happens, try to be supportive towards them, encourage them to pick themselves up and learn from the mistakes they have made.

Students study more productively if they are well rested and have healthy diets. Please ensure they take breaks during study and try to continue with some physical activity. Physical activity will help them by reducing stress levels and increasing concentration levels. Breakfast is extremely important every morning, as it prevents dizziness and loss of concentration.

KCS will be holding a CAO/PLC session for parents in November and we look forward to meeting you then. I enclose a ‘Key Dates Calendar’ to inform you of some of the important dates for Leaving Certificate students 2019/2020.  More dates are available on

 Finally, wishing you and your family every good health and happiness for 2019/20.

 Best wishes,

 Ms Daunt: Guidance Counsellor and Ms. Egan: Guidance Counsellor

Maria Brosnan