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About Maths at KCS

The Maths department in Kinsale Community School is comprised of dedicated, enthusiastic and talented Maths teachers who are committed to enriching the students’ teaching and learning experience in class. 

With the introduction of Project Maths in recent years, the focus of the maths syllabus has been on developing skills and understanding of Maths as well as focusing on problem solving and real life applications. The Project Mathematics syllabus comprises five strands: Statistics and Probability, Geometry and Trigonometry, Number, Algebra, and Functions. 

Project Mathematics aims to; develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, for life and for work, develop the skills of dealing with mathematical concepts in context and applications, as well as in solving problems, support the development of literacy and numeracy skills and foster a positive attitude to mathematics in the learner.

By teaching mathematics in contexts that allow learners to see connections within mathematics, between mathematics and other subjects, and between mathematics and its applications to real life, it is envisaged that learners will develop a flexible, disciplined way of thinking and the enthusiasm to search for creative solutions.

Students in first year are in mixed ability classes and follow the Common Introductory Course prescribed by the syllabus. During this year they will experience each of the five strands and will lay a foundation in maths on which the following years of study will build. Classes in the second and subsequent years will be streamed with a focus on each student having the opportunity to fulfil their potential at whichever level they are studying. 

Throughout the year there are events and competitions that students can take part in. This year as part of the Maths Week activities, TY students researched and presented a project on Irish Mathematicians. 

First years will be taking part in the Irish Junior Maths Competition this February which will be both an opportunity to have fun and be competitive as well as use their Maths skills outside the classroom. 

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Cross-curricular collaboration

There are also cross-curricular opportunities with Maths. The implementation of the Project Maths syllabus has had a positive impact on students who entered the BT Young Scientist Exhibition and SciFest. In these exhibitions, there is a strong emphasis on statistics. From their experiences in class, our students were sufficiently proficient to manage up to a third level standard in Statistics. In the last two SciFest Exhibitions, our students have achieved the ‘Best Use of Mathematics’ award.