About Music at KCS

Music at Kinsale Community School is accessible to and enjoyable for a wide range of students from different backgrounds. It caters for a wide variety of students musical and diverse interests including personal development, and incorporates modern trends in musical education. Music is available to all students from 2nd year to 6th year as an optional subject.

  • Students who study music for Junior Certificate take a practical performance which is worth 25% of the overall mark.
  • Students who study music for Leaving Certificate can take a practical performance which is worth 50% of the overall mark.


  • to provide a general education in music for all students
  • to encourage the development of musical creativity, through active involvement in written work and performance
  • to develop an interest in music and the enjoyment of music making.


  • to provide sufficient musical knowledge and understanding to enable students to practice theory and performance
  • to encourage students to listen to a wide variety of musical styles and genres
  • to encourage the enjoyment of music through listening, composing and group activity.