LCA II Childcare

LCA II get hands on for their childcare and community care course

This year as their elective, our LCA II class are undertaking the childcare/community care course. The course consists of five modules: The care of babies and young children, child development and play, parenting and care provision, people with special needs and older people.

In the spirit of the active, hands on approach of the leaving cert applied, our class has undertaken a number of practical classes in the last three weeks. Students have sterilized and prepared formula bottles, they have tackled changing nappies, and practiced the different ways to wind a baby.  We were also delighted to have one of our SNA’s Anne Marie Levin teach our students a class on baby massage. These classes, while being fun and enjoyable for all involved have also allowed our students gain greater knowledge, understanding and experience of the skills required in the childcare and community care area.

Maria Brosnan