KCS Celebrates Maths Week

Using only addition, how can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1000?

This is one of the many problems presented to and solved by KCS students during Maths Week 2018. This week allowed a fantastic opportunity for students to engage in maths activities which they may not get a chance to experience in a regular lesson.

Every morning, the KCS Maths Team had students and teachers fully engaged in the World of Mathematics, with ‘Maths Problem of the Day’ being announced over the intercom.

On Tuesday, fourth year students teamed up and combined their skills to take part in a Maths Quiz. This quiz was designed to challenge the students thinking and develop their maths problem solving skills.

There was no escape from Maths Week in KCS as the halls were decorated with fascinating research projects. These were created by Senior Cycle students who delved into the lives of famous mathematicians and the influences they have had, not only on the maths we study in our curriculum, but on Art and how Maths is evident in nature if we look closely enough.

‘Maths Words minus their Vowels’ attracted much attention, with students of all ages and levels joining forces and racking their brains to figure out the Mathematical terms that had been robbed of their vowels.

All year groups took to the corridors at different stages of the week to complete a Maths Treasure Hunt. Great fun was had seeking out and solving an array of maths challenges.

To finish the week, a group of Third and Fourth Year students attended a workshop in UCC. This exciting workshop was delivered by Prof Christian Mercat, Director of the Lyon Research Institute for Mathematics Education at the University of Lyon. Students explored the use of maths and symmetry in the decorative art on the Ardagh Chalice and the magical illustrations of the Book of Kells. The event opened the students’ eyes to the world of maths in celtic knotwork.

The fun does not stop there as every week is Maths Week at KCS. Students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves and compete against students from other schools in such events as PI Quiz and Irish Junior Maths Competition which will be held later in the year.

Well done to all involved in Maths Week 2018 and Congratulations to all our winners.

To sum up, Maths Week 2018 was positively A1.

Answer to problem: 888+88+8+8+8=1000

Ms Aine Cotter & Ms Aoife O’Mahony

Photographed below are Ms Aoife O’Mahony presenting Azra Dervish with her prize for winning ‘Riddle of the day’.  Also photographed are students completing a variety of Maths activities including a quiz, a scavenger hunt and Maths vocabulary riddles.

Maria Brosnan