Past Pupil Visits KCS

On Monday 5th November, senior History students and students interested in Trinity College were given a presentation by past pupil, David Briscoe, who did his undergrad at Trinity before going to the UK to do his Masters.  He is back at Trinity now doing his Phd. 

It was a great opportunity for the students to learn all about studying in Ireland top university and what studying history is like at third level. 


Students got to learn about the different courses in which they could study History, the content of the courses and how central Trinity is in Dublin.  Lectures are held in lots of the national museums as well as on the beautiful central campus. 


David also explored other courses that are on offer at Trinity as well as informing the students about the exciting college life, support services and the dreaded accommodation.  He explained about scholarships and even noted some past scholars including some of our past Presidents and RTE broadcasters.  The school would like to thank David for taking his time to come back to the school and inspire our students. 


David was the first guest speaker we've had this year for Careers but there are many more coming up shortly.  College Awareness Week, running 19-23 November will see lots of third level presentations to help our senior students with their decisions. 


Maria Brosnan