Junior Maths Quiz

The Junior Maths Competition is held for 1st Year Students since 1994. It consists of a school round where multiple choice brain teasers are answered within a 40 minute period and the top 10 students from each school in Cork are put forward for selection to the final round. This year in KCS nearly 80 first year students took part.


The top 10 students in KCS were: Natasha Hayes, Mason Tibbs, Kevin Dempsey, Rowan Fitzpatrick, Catherine Cadogan, David Lovell, Rian Crowley, Ben Loughnane, Ali McGinn and Caoimhe McGuinness.


So many students were within one mark of also qualifying so a huge congratulations to all the students involved.


Photographed are the top 10 Junior Maths students with their teachers Ms Aoife O’Mahony and Ms Grace Fox.

Maria Brosnan