Irish Proclamation of Independence


In 2016 Kinsale Community School, local primary schools and the Kinsale Historical Society were centrally involved with producing a very successful multi-disciplinary exhibition commemorating the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Part of the government's programme during the centenary commemorations was to highlight the value of the Irish Proclamation of Independence, which was read by Padraig Pearse on the steps of the GPO to announce the beginning of a rebellion that would lead, eventually, to the formation of the Irish Republic. The concept of a 'Proclamation Day' was suggested to all schools, where the proclamation was read and reimagined by a new generation of Irish students. Since 2016 KCS History Department have commemorated the meaning of the Irish tri-colour and the value of the Irish Proclamation in an annual flag ceremony for the entire school community.

These events have had a strong unifying impact on the identity and culture school community. The values of inclusivity, equality, independence, common cause, unity, courage and resiliance contained in the Proclamation are values that we at Kinsale Community School wish to transmit to each of our students, and to the student body as a whole. Our Principal Mr. McCarthy worked with the Head of History, Mr. Diarmaid O'Donovan to try to make a durable statement that would be a constant reminder to everyone who comes to our school of the cultural and personal values that we stand for here at KCS. From these discussions, it was decided to place a permanent structure at the front of our school that would display the Irish Proclamation of Independence in the best possible manner. The structure that you now see was created by a local Kinsale metal perforators Graepel. Once darkness descends the lights inside the structure light up and the words of the Proclamation are illuminated beautifully.

This monument to our history and culture, will endure for our students now and in generations to come. The values of our Proclamation of Independence continue to be something for our people to aspire to and to realise.

Gerard Hogan