Extra Curricular Activities Available for 1st Year Students at KCS

  • Traditional Music Group         Tues Lunchtime GO1

  • Classical Music Group       Tues Lunch GO2

  • School Choir       Mon Lunchtime GO1

  • Hurling       Friday 4 to 5pm

  • Basketball        To be confirmed

  • Camogie       Tues 4 to 5pm Saile

  • Fitness Club        Lunch/Announcement

  • Young Scientist       Every Lunch DO4

  • Club Gaeilge        Mon  Lunch CO1

  • Camera Club        Fri      Lunch FO1

  • Surfing/ Sailing/ Kayaking Weds 1.30 to 4 Kinsale OEC

  • Running Club Couch to 5km    To be confirmed

Gerard Hogan