2A4 CSPE Commemorate the Centenary of Dáil Éireann

CSPE class 2A4 organised a display on Monday 21 January to commemorate the centenary of Dáil Éireann and to celebrate democracy in Ireland.

The display acknowledged the first meeting of the Dáil which was held in the Round Room of Dublin's Mansion House. An intercom announcement was also made to promote awareness of the significance of the event.


The students researched the event and focused on democracy in contemporary Ireland. The display included: information on constituencies, the composition of the Dáil, the work of TD's, biographies of past taoisigh, the logos of political parties and details of the election process.


The First Dáil was established by Sinn Féin who refused to attend the British parliament at Westminster. Only 27 of the 73 Sinn Féin representatives elected in the 1918 General Election actually attended. The remaining 46 were either in prison or 'on the run' from the authorities.


The intercom announcement highlighted the fact that the First Dáil conducted its business in Irish, as well as approving the Declaration of the Irish Republic of Easter 1916. It sought global recognition for Irish independence at the Paris Peace Conference and passed a democratic programme, which was a commitment to improve facilities for the poor, to invest in health and education and to develop trade and industry.

Well done to our 2A4 students and their teacher Mr Bertie Pearse on organising this wonderful display.


Maria Brosnan