Parents Maths Workshop

On Tuesday evening last, February 12th, first year parents joined us in KCS for our third Maths Workshop. Algebra was the topic of the day and more specifically Linear Equations. The class of 38 parents showed great prior knowledge and experience of linear equations but it was the common approach first year teachers are using to solve these equations that parents were really interested in grasping. Ms. O’Mahony and Ms. Cotter demonstrated the balancing techniques used which leads to greater understanding and aids problem solving. They also highlighted common misconceptions and mistakes made by students when solving algebraic equations.

Parent Feedback has shown the workshops are providing parents with an opportunity to stay very much involved and in tune with their child’s Maths and parent and child are now sharing learning experiences.

The feedback we receive from parents has given us KCS Maths teachers a greater understanding of students experiences with, and attitudes to, Maths. Thus allowing us teachers to reflect on our teaching and create more effective lessons for our students.

We look forward very much to seeing you all and more at our next workshop in March.

Maria Brosnan