KCS Wellness Pay It Forward

Over 500 daffodils were distributed by 30 students from Kinsale Community School to members of the public as part of the school’s wellness programme. The pay it forward campaign, organised by the school’s Student Council and Prefect Team, took place on Friday, 8 March in Kinsale town. 


Speaking on the initiative, James Wilson, Kinsale Community School teacher and Student Council facilitator said: “I’m very proud of the students for organising this pay it forward campaign. Its aim was to highlight kindness, and create a ripple effect, inspiring those who received a daffodil that day to pass on the positive vibes to another. 


“With a simple act, we wanted to make a significant impact — emphasising to our students the benefits of encouraging kindness while building their own self-confidence and fostering a sense of place within their community.”


The pay in forward campaign is one of a number of community-focused activities organised by the Kinsale Community School Student Council. Other events centred around the school’s wellness programme include an annual beach clean-up in Garretstown and Garrylucas.

Maria Brosnan