KCS students attend Military Open Day

TY, LCA1 and some senior cycle students attended the Military open day at Collins Barracks on Thursday last 26th September.

Great fun was had exploring the guns and weapons, participating in fitness classes and listening to the Army Orchestra perform. Students also got to explore the other types of military in the main square and explore the army museum. A great day out to learn about possible future careers.

One students account includes:

Our trip to the Historic Collins barracks was quite an interesting adventure away from the four walls of our classrooms. We ventured to the Barracks on its Open day to learn a little more of the Career choices in the Military / Naval Forces. We got to see some extreme looking fire power, Guns, Snipers, Equipment, etc.

I felt sorry for the people who had to carry all that gear around all day long, it weighed a ton! We also got a tour of a building which was used to show off their advanced Radar systems and Drone technology. At the end we got to see the other services provided by the Army, including Medical, Ordinance, Fire Services and Bomb Detection.

It was a very interesting trip and It was great to see how our Army works. It was a great insight into the multiple different career options in our Defence Forces.  

Maria Brosnan