Religion has been taught in Kinsale Community School as a Junior Cert examination subject since 2003. 

The aim of Junior Cycle Religious Education is to provide students with a framework for encountering and engaging with the variety of religious traditions in Ireland and elsewhere.

Through this subject, we aim to promote an understanding and appreciation of why people believe, as well as tolerance and respect for the values and beliefs of all. Moreover, we also aim to acknowledge and appreciate the non-religious interpretation of life.

We hope to contribute to the spiritual and moral development of the student.

We TEACH about religion, not PREACH religion.

The course is divided into six sections:


In Transition Year students continue to engage in Religion lessons. Whilst trying to give students a flavour of the Leaving Certificate syllabus, students also partake in charity and community based activities. Over the last few years these have included:

·          Young Social Innovators

·          St. Vincent de Paul

·          Trocaire

·          Focus Ireland

·          Christmas Lions Appeal

·          Special Olympics

·          Breast Cancer Awareness

·          Visiting Haven Bay

In non-examination classes Fifth and Sixth year students cover topics including:

·          Morality

·          The Meaning of Life

·          Social Justice

·          Religion: the Irish Experience

·          Prayer and Meditation

·          Mindfulness

·          Religion and the Media

·          Relationship and Sex Education

Since 2005 Kinsale Community School has had a growing cohort of students opting to study the Leaving Certificate in Religious Education. The course builds upon the knowledge and understanding gained at Junior Cycle level.

The topics covered include:

·          Philosophy and the search for meaning and values 

·          Christianity: origins and contemporary expressions 

·          World religions

·          Religion and gender 

·          Issues of justice and peace

·          Worship, prayer and ritual

·          Religion: the Irish experience 

·          Religion and science