TY Filmmaking Workshop Tues Sept 11th - 12 students

This Level 1 workshop consists of two tutors, professional filmmakers, engaged by Cork Film Centre, travelling to work with a group in the school. The day is split into two halves. The morning consists of a workshop in film technique, which gives participants enough information to be able to plan a film of their own, and a hands-on workshop in the use of camera and sound equipment. The afternoon is devoted to filming an exercise which allows participants to put their newly acquired skills into practice.The one-day workshop is designed to give participants a solid introduction to the basics of digital film making. PLEASE NOTE- These films will be screened at the 2019 First Cut! Youth Film Festival will take place March 6-9. If interested please add your name to the list on the TY noticeboard on B Corridor or email ty@kinsalecommunityschool.ie. If oversubscribed names selected by lottery.

Niamh Hay