Wellbeing talk for 5th Year Students

On May 9th, Mr Daniel Twomey came to speak with all 5th years on wellbeing. Daniel is currently undertaking his PhD in Trinity College Dublin on the importance of exercise for mental health, which formed a basis for the talk.

The talk began with a demonstration of how to carry out the plank, squats and push-ups correctly. A challenge was set to see which student could hold a wall-sit for the longest. Daniel hadn't anticipated the determination of the 5th years and had to cut the competition 'short' after 11 minutes with a 5-way-tie!

Following this, students were also reminded of how important it is to identify your support system and speak with someone you trust when you're feeling down.

With the upcoming summer exams, the students welcomed the practice of a breathing exercise to use during times of high stress or anxiety.

We hope this will help students at this time and hereafter.