International FLIC Awards

Ms Fitzpatrick was lucky enough to go to the International FLIC Awards and Conference entitled "Literary Landscapes" on St. Patrick’s Weekend. Latoya Thorpe of 5th year reached the final with her illustration of a Gertrude Stein poem:

"When you get there, there is no there, there”.

The exhibit had been in the National Museum of Art of Catalonia and was moved to the Design Museum for the festival. Two international projects were exhibited together on the floor of each gallery and you can walk through the pieces. The festival is aimed at young readers so the children had fun walking through and interacting with the artworks.

Thank you to the Arts Council and West Cork Literacy for giving us the opportunity to get involved in this project and particularly artist Fiona Kelly who worked with our 5th years to produce the 15 entries. We are so proud of all the 5th years involved and particularly Latoya for such a great achievement.

Maria Brosnan